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Listed are the most typical questions asked by homeowners in regards to Exterior and Interior home painting. If you have any additional questions please add a comment below.

The cost to paint the exterior of your home will vary based on the number of square foot, the number of stories (height) and the type of surfaces that need painting. Other factors include the quality of paint and different types of paint used per surfaces.  

The cost to provide a quality paint job in the North Metro Atlanta Area averages between 4K-15K depending on the size of home surfaces painted and the amount of wood damage that needs replacing. 

If you are receiving quotes that seem low, there is a reason for that. Make sure the company you hire will:


  • Apply quality materials
  • Provide skilled painting crews that communicate with you
  • Provide you with a honest up front assessment of materials or wood replacement needed.
  • Licensed and Insured with both General Liability and Workers Compensation
  • Provide a warranty for their work and will honor that warranty

Some of our competitors will use inferior caulk , paints and other questionable practices to save cost. These types of paint jobs will last 2-5 years and will need to be repainted or you risk damage to your home. Our goal is provide a paint job that will last 10-15 years. Color fading however can be an issue with certain materials, color choices and how much direct sunlight your home receives. 

BlueDove will never paint over rotten trim or siding. We always recommend replacing any board that is damaged by rot. Some small areas may be able to have a “bondo” applied but is not recommended. Wood rot that is painted over will not cure correctly and will continue to rot causing long term damage to your home. 

Painting brick homes have become popular in recent years. There are several options for resurfacing a brick homes which include priming and painting if you want a full coverage of the brick. Also there is a process of Lime Washing brink to distress the look and lighten the color. 

Yes. We recommend using Superior brands such as Sherwin Williams paints that come with limited lifetime warranties. The important part is the product level within the brand. All paint brands offer entry level to high premium products. The important choice is what product is best suited for your home and what 

The best time of year to paint exterior is early spring to late fall. Paint needs to be applied to a dry surface and it shouldn’t be exposed to moisture while it’s drying. It also needs to be warm enough to allow the paint to dry, but not so hot that it causes the paint to bubble. Extreme temperature fluctuations between day and night can also cause drying issues. BlueDove does not paint exterior surfaces when the temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Painting kitchen cabinets is a very labor intensive process. P The kitchen is wrapped up like a birthday present.  The doors, drawers and faces are cleaned three times removing all dust from the sanding.  All surfaces are sprayed three times.  The Hardware is reinstalled.  Doors and drawers are put back in their spots.  The kitchen is unwrapped and you have a factory-like finish on the kitchen cabinets.  

The Project Consultants count the doors, drawers to determine how long it will take to protect, prep and paint the cabinets.  

The project consultant will go over the additional options available for a cabinet project, for example filling hardware holes or adding additional colors to the cabinets.  

Another option available is painting bathroom vanity cabinets.  This is a great time to do the vanities because the system set up allows them to be painted at a discounted price when combined with the kitchen cabinets.  

Once the Project Consultant has properly determined the scope and gathered the dimensions of the kitchen cabinets they are able to give you a price.  The average price of kitchen cabinets ranges from 3.5K to 6K.  Large systems can cost even more. 


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